Code for Machine Learning for Hackers

With the release of the eBook version of Machine Learning for Hackers this week, many people have been asking for the code. With good reason—as it turns out—because O'Reilly still (at the time of this writing) has not updated the book page to include a link to the code.

For those interested, my co-author John Myles White is hosting the code at his Github, which can be accessed at:

Please feel free to clone, fork, and hack the repository as much as you like. As we mention in the README, some of the code will not appear exactly as it does in the text. This happens for two reasons; first, because some minor formatting changes had to be made to fit the code into the book; and second, some of the code has been updated or edited to remove typos and minor errors.

We hope you find the code a useful supplement to the text!