Articles to Reconsider in the Wake of bin Laden's Death

For me the prevailing emotion after learning that Osama bin Laden had been killed was sadness. Certainly not for the man, but his death brought back many memories and emotions I remember feeling as an undergraduate ten years ago on the morning of the attacks. How this single event entirely changed the world I lived in, and it subsequent direct impact it had on my life and career.

I also felt a sense of discomfort at the unabashed jubilation. Killing bin Laden is a significant milestone, but not a yardstick of progress. This is a great victory for the Obama White House, the U.S. intelligence community, and the special forces that executed the raid. But, will it have any impact on transnational terrorism, or radicalization more generally? Cautious optimism should rule of the day, and by way of promoting this perspective below are five articles that approach this question from many different angles.

If there are others you think should be included please add them in the comments.